Cerdon Ancestral Method
Bugey appellations with AOC status Cerdon Ancestral Method


Cultivated on steeply inclined slopes, with ideal exposure to capture the sun’s rays. The soil is clay limestone.


Gamay and Poulsard


Ancestral Method
Partial low-temperature fermentation in vats creates a sweet wine with low alcohol content. Once filtered, the wine is clear and retains its yeast, continuing to ferment naturally in the bottle.
The ancestral method as required in the appellation’s specifications means the foam forms in the bottle in the most natural way possible, without any yeast or sugar additives.

"Cerdon is the only French AOC appellation that can offer this type of wine.”
This fact, along with the wine’s quality, means it is appreciated around the world.


Bright rosé colour, lively yet subtle flavour bouquet. Intense red fruit and raspberry aromas.
In the mouth, very fruity, light with fine bubbles.

Recommended tasting temperature is between 8 and 10°C
Wine & food pairing: Aperitif, reception, lunch and desserts
Enjoy very young (two years maximum) to preserve its fruity aromas.

Characteristics of this sparkling wine: